GET TO THE POINT: Contact Improvisation in Performance

   Ray Chung 

Contact Improvisation Workshop

14-17 May 2015


What processes occur in our body and mind when we integrate
the movements of our bodies with other bodies, with the intention
of creating, collaborating and performing?
What do we think about when we no longer need to focus on
surviving and moving safely?


Playing on the edge between the conscious and unconsicous aspects of our bodyminds, we will incorporate scores to frame our intention of embodying the mind to develop a transparency of technique. This, in order to move with less effort, more clarity of intention, a wider awareness, and greater presence.

We will include a survey of CI essentials, to enable and activate the ability to:

  • move while supporting the weight (1%-100%) of another mover
  • fall and land safely from any level
  • follow and maintain the point of contact
  • be comfortable moving upside down, be comfortable with disorientation, to be omni-directionally responsive
  • modulate the physical tone of ones’ body in relation to your partner and the needs of the dancing
  • be emotionally clear and present while dancing

The practice of technique will be consistent throughout the workshop with the intention of going beyond the techniques and letting them become the language of performing. In short, how to prepare our moving selves to engage in body-based improvisation and composition, with seamless transitions between imagination and action.

Focused sessions of witnessing and practicing performing are to be integrated with practice sessions of more technical aspects of the work, which will include:

  • specific exercises to activate the awareness of the innnate composition within and between moving bodies
    mirroring, restoring, repeating, replacing
    seeing with the whole body
  • focus on connections between different levels of brain/body function
    seeing with different parts and aspects of ones’ body
    seeing the whole from the parts, getting the big picture from perceiving only part(s) of it
  • use of scores to expand our choice making, and to differentiate between, and to integrate, how and what we perceive, experience, decide on, and respond to.

We will be drawing from influences of different movement disciplines (CI, martial arts, bodywork), neuroscience, semiotics, and art (dance, music, architecture, theatre, literature, etc) as a source of compositonal elements.

 As the workshop is focused on contact improvisation in performance, it will end with an open showing guided by the participants. This workshop is designed for an open level participation, for advanced as well as new practitioners.


Ray ChungRayHead
Is a performer, teacher, engineer, and artist who has worked with Contact Improvisation and improvisation since 1979.
He uses Contact Improvisation as part of improvisational performance practice and integrates other movement forms into his work, including martial arts, bodywork and Authentic Movement. He regularly collaborates with dancers, musicians, and other artists and has worked with Nancy Stark Smith, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton, Peter Bingham, and others.
Ray’s work has been shown in various festivals and venues throughout Europe, Japan, South America, Canada, and the U.S.


Thursday 14.5 till Sunday 17.5  from 11.00 to 17.00 (with 1 hour break)

Sunday  17.5 – final performance at 18.00 (open showing)


Z Zentrum für Proben und Forschung

Schmidtstraße 12 (backside)

60326 Frankfurt am Main

For further information:


230 € / 200 € (for students, low waged)


To register please fill in the registration form Registration form

and send it by mail to:

Deadline: 01.5.2015


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